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Feb 18, 2013 7:00am PST
. they were later pardoned after former clinton traveled to north korea to secure their lee reese -- release. >>> 8:17. the show is over for a local youtube musician. ♪ >> for two weeks. morrow has been playing his piano on a bluff in half moon bay and posting it online. he planned to do this ofry night for a month. but without a permit, the city asked him to response. he decided to officially retire the piano by setting it on fire. >> it's very touching and i think that so many people enjoy this. i feel very proud. ♪ >> his sister says the ceremony was a way to set the piano's soul free. any pieces left over, being made into a sculpture that will be shown in new york and rome. >>> a state lawmaker says the state may be pushing too hard to recover money from people who start wildfires. the bee "reports for -- the sacramento" bee "reports they've started to pursue those who start fires. the money has been used to fight those fires and the government wants to double the cost of the civil staff recovery program. a senator says the state should put limits on the attempts to recover that mone
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am PST
major address after taking over that position from hillary clinton. he's speaking at the university of virginia. let's listen in. >> maybe he knows something. i could learn a thing or two from them. we didn't overlap for long. but i want to tell everybody here that we know each other pretty well from service as a lieutenant-governor and when he was governor as the state. i was lieutenant-governor of my state. so we have that in common before being senators. i will tell you a quick story. i don't know -- what you -- i don't know what you do in virginia as lieutenant- governor. but massachusetts, once upon a time calvin coolidge was lieutenant-governor. he was at a dinner party and his interim governor turned to him and said what do you do? he said i'm the interim governor of massachusetts. he said wow! that must be interesting. he said tell me all about the job. and he says i just did. [laughter] >> i trust because they embraced you and me, we made something more out of it. but i have huge admiration for tim cain. congressman hurtt referred to his work in honduras. just helping other
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2